Purchase 20 PRP Tubes or 10 PRP Kits at
Regular Price and Receive Free Centrifuge

  • The PRP Tubes come with four 12 mL tubes per box with no accessories (PRP tubes only)
  • The PRP Tube Kits come with two 12mL tubes plus all necessary accessories to do a complete blood draw and injection
  • PRP tubes fit most standard centrifuges and have the following essential characteristics: 
    • Undergo a triple sterilization process 
    • Pyrogen-free
    • Contain a higher pH anticoagulant blend that improves injection for patients
    • Thicker gel separator that yields higher concentrated PRP for easy extraction
    • Concentrations of up to 6 to 9x baseline platelet count

PRP Program Offer:

  • Purchase 10 PRP Kits @ $85.00 each and receive a Free Centrifuge
  • Purchase or 20 PRP Tubes @ $40.00 each and receive a Free Centrifuge

PRP Tubes & Kits Reorder Program:

  • Reorder 10 PRP Kits @ $75.00 each ($85.00 standard pricing for less than 10)
  • Reorder 20 PRP Tubes @ $36.00 each ($40.00 standard pricing for less than 20)


*No-Charge centrifuge will be shipped after payment is received for the PRP Tubes or Tube Kits

Why Choose Us

• One-step closed system
• 8 minutes to separate plasma
• 100% closed system to yield high PRP concentration
• Crystal Tubes that have undergone a triple sterilization process